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Representation & Exhibition Scholarships

When you Submit the Form to Enter you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:‚Äč

The Following Terms and Conditions Apply

0. Each artist may enter a maximum of three artworks

1. International Artists are eligible, Artwork must be original artworks by the artist, completed within last 5yrs

2. Artist may submit up to three artworks, one will be chosen for online presentation of contest entries

3. Full Scholarships (money goes towards multi media campaign, International exhibitions & gallery representation package)

4. The competition is open to all forms of 2D and 3D art excluding installation, video and moving image

5. Entries are to be submitted online, jpg images no larger than 1MB

6. Represented Artists to provide 10+ artworks for sale and pricing for public exhibition and online gallery

7. 20% goes to charity of artist's choice, from sale of any represented artwork

8. There is 20% sales commission on artwork represented by gallery, 10% of which goes to sales through any third party

9. 2D artworks must be suitably framed and fitted with hanging wire and D hangers

10. Artists are responsible for delivery of artwork to gallery exhibitions and collection of unsold works

11. Weekly Storage fees apply to any unclaimed art, which can be claimed by the gallery and sold after 90 days

12. All reasonable care will be taken in packaging, shipping & handling of the artwork, however

LJL Galleries will not be responsible for any loss or damages.

13. Insurance for the artwork during exhibition and transit remains the responsibility of the artist

14. By entering, the artist consents to images of their work being reproduced and their biographical information used for the purpose of all multi-media advertising, online representation and public exhibition.

15. By entering, the artist agrees to represent themselves, fellow artists and the gallery in a positive and professional manner at all times in any public forum and in all communications.

16. The gallery reserves the right to terminate the representation agreement at any time for any reason, agreeing to release artwork(s) and monies over and above any non-refundable entries, deposits and fees for services rendered.

17. The artist retains right terminate the representation agreement at any time for any reason, artwork will be immediately released and no monies will be refunded.

18. Terms are subject to change without notice, all government laws and taxes wherever they may apply.

19. Scholarships advertised are in Canadian Funds

"This is a very unique opportunity to network with other top contemporary artists. Each pay a very small fraction of what it costs to gain this kind of exposure all over the world. The bottom line is we are here to help support each other and raise money for charities. Our goal is to put the power to achieve success in the hands of the Artist, profits come from sales, not charging artists!"

Thank you for your interest and all the best to our entries!

Good Luck,