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YES What the Pop Exhibition

Montreal 2020

Recovery Exhibition

Fredericton 2019

Honourable Mention for Macgillivray Law Art Contest

Theme: "Racial Inequality of Viola Desmond" - Halifax 2019

RAW Art Show

Ottawa 2019

RAW Art Show

Montreal 2019
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Marie Santos

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Marie is a Modern Impressionist artist from Montreal Canada.
From a young age, she was always occupied with artistic creative projects. One of her earliest memories was her attempting to paint alongside artist Bob Ross during one of his weekly painting episodes on television. Needless to say the painting was far from a masterpiece but a spark of inspiration was formed.

This inspiration carried her through adulthood where Marie obtained an Interior Design degree from College and learned a great deal from the Fine Arts courses provided

It was during the time when Marie owned her business as an online art dealer that she decided to transition to be a full-time artist. She now finds much fulfillment and purpose in creating her own art.

With her Fine Arts knowledge and strong spiritual influence, her unique painting styles were formed to create colorful, positive and motivational work that moves the soul. Marie’s choice of subjects were influenced from being surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes while living in the Maritimes for 7 years. She is inspired by natural landscapes, animals, and botanicals using her art to show the hidden beauty in all living things.

Marie's choices in mediums are Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic and Gouache. Her work is strongly influenced by Impressionist artists like Van Gogh, Klimt, and Monet using vibrant hues and expressive brushstrokes to create lively works of art

Marie currently lives in Montreal Canada. When she is not painting, Marie enjoys the simple life and follows what she loves to do to inspire her next work of art!