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Roy Leadbeater

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Roy emigrated to Canada 1953 and studied drawing at the University of Alberta, under H.G. Glyde.
After 38 years of artistic practice, he remained happy to paint and sculpt just for himself. "He believed some artists are like physicists - they want to know the answers behind life and are fascinated with the unknown.

"I'm interested in asking what life and living is all about - asking questions of the invisible world and making that invisible world visible." said Leadbeater, who has long explored similar themes. "I'll never quit. One of the great advantages of being in the arts, or anything creative, is that you never run out of ideas... What you run out of is time." Sadly, he passed away in 2017, but his legacy remains.

Roy became a very accomplished artist in his time, a humble man and good friend happy to share stories of life always filled with childlike joy and excitement for what was next... ?