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The Global Art Awards - Nominee Certification, Shanghai 2020

'New York's top art consultant' by America’s Most Trusted Media 2019

Master of the Brush Award - World Contemporary Artists, Hong Kong 2017

Michelangelo International Prize - Artists at the Jubilee, Rome 2015

Pablo Picasso Art Prize, France 2015
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Michael Lam

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Michael Lam moved from the East to New York City over 25 years ago.
Since 2003, he has become an internationally recognized Artist, being the creator of Single Stroke Painting. His creations are based on calligraphy and centred around awareness, sensation and actualization of inner-self. Compositional harmony and rhythm are centrepieces of his unique artistic style, Lam's inspiration is the elevation of the human spirit to a higher sense of existence.

A messenger of peace and an award winning artist with exhibitions all over the world, we are very honoured to work with him and share in his passion for helping others. His work permanently displays in the New York City Library, collections at Columbia University and other various international art museums. Local and international collectors find his work to be of immense value.

In addition to that, Micheal was also nominated as America's Top Consultants for his business "Vision Art Media" in 2019.

His work is visible at:

- Columbia University
- New York Public Library
- Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas
- MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Austria
- Haegeumgang Theme Museum, South Korea
- Tenement Museum, New York
- Pan-Pacific and South East Asia Women's Association of the USA
- Tenri Cultural Institute of New York
- Blick Art Materials
- Private Collections