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Elena Jacob

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Past director of the Nelson Rockefeller Collection, Elena brings a wealth of knowledge to our organization after a lifetime of dedication in the art world. An established art collector, she spent many years running successful galleries in Palm Springs and South Coast Plaza, California. During this time Elena had exclusive rights to sell limited edition reproductions of major works of art from the Nelson Rockefeller Collection, which is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Rockefeller created the first State Council on the Arts in the country, which became a model for the National Endowment for the Arts. He was a noted collector of both modern and non-Western art. He continued his mother's work at the Museum of Modern Art as president. Rockefeller also built, in collaboration with his lifelong friend Roy Neuberger, the Neuberger Museum. In 1954 he established the Museum of Primitive Art devoted to the indigenous art of the Americas, Africa, Oceania and early Asia and Europe.

We are very honored to have her experienced guidance & ongoing support. And we are very pleased to be able to exclusively offer her private collection.