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Private Collections

Work collected by important collectors around the USA, including Miami, Chicago and other locations. USA 2020

Exclusive Donation for St. Jude Kids - Only 3 Artists Selected

St. Jude Gala for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Miami, FL, USA 2017

Solo show published on several important magazines

Publications: El Nuevo Herald, Arte al Dia, Miami New Times. Miami, FL, USA 2010


Opening of Curators Voice Art Projects owned by Dr. Milagros Bello. Over 2,000 people attended solo showing. Wymwood, Miami, FL, USA 2010

Solo Exhibition

Solo Exhibition at a Jewish owned Gallery. Miami, FL, USA 2005
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Frank Chinea Inguanzo

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A Cuban-American artist based in Miami, is a late neo-romantic artist of the 21st century.

He recovers the apocalyptic spirit of those times, stressing his self observation and his inner experience into his works; he projects the muses and the ghosts of his soul.
Black scenarios and stormy views populate his paintings. Diluted figures and dislocated entities emerge from the dark scenarios as his way of presenting his subconscious world. Expressionistic traits and contorted brushstrokes over thick impasto define his dramatic approach to painting.

His works, in the tradition of William Blake or Arnold Böcklin, present heroic figures in abyssal situations. They stand as shadows and specters of gloomy allure. An ethereal background of indecipherable universe sets as a dream like imaginary in which the artist lives. Frank launches angels and demons of an artificial paradise of life and death. He deeps with an excruciating awareness into his psyche and the abyss of his unconscious.